Bathroom Plumbing Services – Photos of Our Work

Our services are backed by skilled professionals, great work culture and leaders who strive for innovation.

Our work in bathrooms

In the bathroom, we are able to perform various tasks such as installing new piping, connecting the toilet and washbasin, setting up a shower and partition, and placing furniture. If needed, we can also repair or replace old plumbing. Furthermore, we can assist with connecting or conducting technical repairs on a pump or an electric boiler in a shower room, installing a coarse filter, and much more. Take a look at our previous work, and you can have confidence in our services!

Now that we have got to know each other better and you have seen our real projects, you can tell us about your plans. How do you see your new bathroom, kitchen or home heating? For inspiration, you can look at our other projects or consult with our manager. We are always happy to help with the choice and answer technical questions or pre-estimate your project. In any case, do not hold back yourself, let’s chat!


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