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Unpleasant Odors in the Bathroom: How to Get Rid of Bathroom Odor Once and For All

Anyone can encounter the problem of unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Even though the toilet and tank may sparkle with cleanliness, an unwelcome scent that’s hard to describe still tarnishes the impression of visiting the bathroom. This issue often arises even in the cleanest of toilets.

What should you do if thorough cleaning and air fresheners don’t bring the desired results? The answer is simple – you need to look for less obvious sources of foreign “aromas.” By eliminating them, you can restore freshness and cleanliness to the bathroom. Perhaps there’s a need to call in a specialist who can identify faults in plumbing fixtures.

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Corner kitchen

Create your perfect kitchen.

The kitchen can be the heart of the home or, conversely, evoke a strong reluctance to be in it. With improper design and overlooking important details, the kitchen can turn into an inconvenient and cluttered space. DryZone specializes in turnkey kitchen renovations in Limerick, Shannon, and Ennis. Our specialists will advise on what to consider to ensure that the culinary hub of your home only evokes pleasant feelings.

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Renovation your bathroom – simple and tasteful

All of us, no matter how cozy and comfortable the interior of our home is, sooner or later want to make changes to one part or another. One such room is the bathroom. Often, even if it looks good, we may get tired of it and feel a sense of monotony. Sometimes, to refresh the bathroom and add a “breath of life” to its interior, all it takes is just one free day for some small transformations.

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How to Properly and Improperly Design a Bathroom

Bathroom renovation demands a significant portion of the total time spent on apartment remodeling. Everyone strives to execute and arrange this space to the highest degree. However, in the pursuit of fashion, the desire to save money, or maximize available space, many forget the most crucial aspect – the bathroom interior should look harmonious, meet the needs of every inhabitant, and bring aesthetic pleasure to the owners. Otherwise, seemingly minor mistakes can spoil all the joy of a brand-new renovation.

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clean drinking water

In what cases should one consider additional water purification?

Additional water purification may be necessary in various cases, including:

Insufficient water quality from the source, the need for dechlorination and taste improvement, removal of chlorine from the public water supply system, when purification is required for specific needs, for the safety from pathogenic microorganisms, or for other personal preferences.
To achieve the desired result, let’s first understand the basic water quality parameters:

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laboratory water analysis

Why Water Analysis is Important?

Understanding the chemical composition of water is crucial information that can help safeguard your health. Through analysis, you can learn valuable details, such as the level of water oxidization. Increased water oxidation indicates contamination of the source. Another important indicator can be nitrate ions. It’s important to know that nitrates cannot be removed from water by boiling, meaning they continuously affect your health.

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Water leak on the ceiling

Finding and eliminating water leaks inside ceilings, floors and walls using a borescope.

Water is an essential part of our daily lives, but water leaks can become a serious problem, especially when they are not visible to the naked eye and are located inside walls, ceilings, or floors (You can read about how to find out if there is a water leak in your home here). In such cases, borescopy becomes a highly effective method for detecting and repairing leaks, allowing for a precise and minimally invasive approach, without dust and dirt.

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