How to Properly and Improperly Design a Bathroom

Bathroom renovation demands a significant portion of the total time spent on apartment remodeling. Everyone strives to execute and arrange this space to the highest degree. However, in the pursuit of fashion, the desire to save money, or maximize available space, many forget the most crucial aspect – the bathroom interior should look harmonious, meet the needs of every inhabitant, and bring aesthetic pleasure to the owners. Otherwise, seemingly minor mistakes can spoil all the joy of a brand-new renovation.

  1. Cutting Costs on Installation Systems, Incorrect Installation
    Since installation systems for shower units and toilets limit access to the plumbing, remember two rules. First, never skimp on the equipment. Second, do not completely wall up access to pipes, the flush tank, or faucets. In such a case, discovering and quickly fixing issues becomes nearly impossible.
    Proper installation implies having a special casing or a hatch for equipment access, as well as a careful selection of all components for the concealed installation system.
  2. 2. Mismatched Plumbing with Lifestyle
    If you choose bathroom equipment based solely on fashion trends and layout features, in most cases, you might be recommended to install a shower cabin. However, this does not mean it will be convenient for all family members to use, maintain, and clean. Additionally, shower cabins often clutter bathroom space due to their height and inconvenient shape. Take into account the duration of bathing procedures, the presence of children and elderly relatives at home, and the need to enjoy an occasional soak in a hot tub. Either be sure that a shower cabin is the optimal choice, or reconsider your decision.
  3. Mismatch in Design and Size of Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets
    One of the most common mistakes is the improper selection of faucets for sinks. Due to incorrect design, faucet angle, and spout length, you might witness water splashing beyond the edge of the sink or onto the bathtub ledge. To avoid such discrepancies, it’s advisable to choose all sanitary ware, furniture, and ceramics from a single manufacturer. This not only guarantees precise measurements but also makes the bathroom more harmonious.
  4. Purchasing Plumbing Fixtures in Advance
    Many people try to buy a bathtub, toilet, furniture, and other interior elements before wall leveling and initial finishing. Remember that plaster and tiles can add an extra 2-3 cm to each wall and floor. As a result, the expensive bathtub you bought in advance or the chosen shower tray might not fit.
    Ensure that all angles in the bathroom are perfectly straight, the tiles are laid with minimal trimming, and only then, with precise dimensions, purchase all the necessary sanitary ware and furniture.

If you want your bathroom renovation to be flawless and prefer not to burden yourself with unnecessary details, turn to professionals. Our company has years of experience in bathroom renovations and knows precisely how to do things to ensure that using the bathroom brings pleasure.


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