Why is summer the best time for oil boiler servicing?

During the hottest months of the year, you’re probably spending time in the garden, soaking up the unreliable Irish sun whenever possible, and heating services are likely the last thing on your mind. However, in reality, summer is the best time to have your boiler serviced.

Have you ever thought about servicing your oil boiler? Perhaps you do it regularly?
Periodically servicing your oil boiler is necessary to prevent serious breakdowns and subsequent expensive repairs. Maybe all you need right now is to replace a flexible hose or adjust the injection system, which can save on heating expenses and help your boiler operate more efficiently. Regular cleaning to remove soot and deposits will reduce the workload on internal components and extend its lifespan.

We recommend keeping the thermostat at a minimum level to ensure smooth boiler operation and, let’s be honest, to be prepared for those undeniably cold Irish mornings that can occur even in the height of summer.

It’s best to have annual servicing of liquid fuel boilers performed only by qualified engineers. Annual servicing will also help protect the manufacturer’s warranty.

By scheduling boiler services during the summer months, you’ll find it easier and cheaper due to reduced demand. In the winter months, you rely more on heating, so if any problems or unexpected breakdowns occur with your boiler, you’ll find much less hassle dealing with them during the warmer months. Boiler servicing will also save you money in the long run, as the cost of servicing is much less than unexpected repairs or replacements.

Regardless of the time of year, if you have concerns about your oil boiler, you should act quickly and request a qualified engineer to assess its operation, as a small problem can quickly escalate and become costly if left unaddressed.

To schedule boiler servicing, contact the DryZone technical service team and book a convenient time for you.ивание котла обратитесь в службу технической поддержки DryZone и забронируйте удобное для вас время.

Why should I choose DryZone for boiler servicing?

DryZone provides boiler servicing in Limerick, Shannon, Ennis, and surrounding areas, guaranteeing thorough and conscientious work on your oil boiler.

We value your feedback to make boiler servicing more accurate.

Our specialists have the necessary experience to promptly address your issue. Our service is fast and accessible.

We can service, repair, or replace most heating systems. Our specialists will assess your problem, identify the cause, and offer the best solution.

Our main services:

• Boiler repairs

• Boiler servicing

• Installation of a new boiler

and more

We understand the damage that a faulty heating system can cause to your family or business. Therefore, we will quickly identify and fix any faults, and if necessary, replace them with new ones.

Collaborating with DryZone means:

• Having a reliable boiler servicing specialist you can count on to perform boiler servicing every 12 months

• Helping you ensure stable and uninterrupted heating throughout the year.

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