Lifehack: How to Remove Water Stains on Faucets

Water stains on plumbing fixtures are a common issue faced by homemakers. Regardless of the cleaning agents chosen, even the most expensive ones prove powerless against hard water. DryZone will tell you how to clean faucets to make them shine without any stains.

How to remove stains on faucets – the best methods

Before frantically searching for that “miracle” cleaner that will permanently rid you of the need to scrub faucets to a shine, find out why they get so heavily soiled in the first place. There are likely two reasons:

  • After taking a shower or bath, you don’t dry the plumbing fixtures thoroughly.
  • The cleaning agents you use may damage the material the faucet is made of.

The first problem is easily solved – make it a habit to take a cloth and wipe away water from all surfaces every time after using the bathroom. The second problem is trickier – here you’ll have to read the compositions.

– Firstly, remember that products containing hydrochloric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acid contribute to the formation of dark stains on plumbing fixtures.

– Secondly, do not mix different cleaning agents – it can lead to unexpected results.

To quickly and effectively remove water stains, you can use:

  • Vinegar solution: mix equal parts vinegar and water, soak a cloth in the solution, wipe the faucet, then rinse with water and dry thoroughly.
  • Lemon citric acid: mix water and lemon citric acid in a 1: 4 ratio, immerse the faucet in the solution, leave it overnight, and wash it in the morning.
  • Laundry soap: grate the soap on a grater, dissolve it in warm water, add baking soda, soak a cloth in the solution, wipe the faucet, and rinse with warm water an hour later.
  • Salt: sprinkle it on a cloth and wipe the faucet.

The question also arises of how to remove limescale from a chrome-plated faucet. In this case, only laundry soap should be used – all other agents may be too aggressive for the royal chrome.


faucet with limescale and clean faucet


To a large extent, how quickly limescale or other traces of contamination form on appliances depends on water quality. If you live in Ireland, near the cities of Shannon, Ennis, or Limerick, our company’s specialists can help you check the water quality. After that, you will receive effective recommendations on how to improve water quality, and possibly practical assistance in this matter.

Now, let’s move on to another original method:

How to remove oxidation from a faucet – a unique method

If you liked one of the methods we listed above but want to maintain the perfect result for a long time, take note of this original lifehack: Take parchment paper (it is impregnated with wax) and rub it on the faucets. After this procedure, a thin wax film will remain on the faucets, preventing water from clinging to it – droplets will simply roll down.

You can perform this manipulation once a week – after each thorough cleaning in the bathroom.

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