Finding and eliminating water leaks inside ceilings, floors and walls using a borescope.

Water is an essential part of our daily lives, but water leaks can become a serious problem, especially when they are not visible to the naked eye and are located inside walls, ceilings, or floors (You can read about how to find out if there is a water leak in your home here). In such cases, borescopy becomes a highly effective method for detecting and repairing leaks, allowing for a precise and minimally invasive approach, without dust and dirt.

What is a borescope and how does it work?

A borescope is a flexible tube equipped with a microscopic camera and lighting. It enables doctors, engineers, and plumbers to inspect hard-to-reach places, including the internal cavities of walls and ceilings, where water leaks may be concealed.

Finding leaks with a borescope

The process of finding water leaks using a borescope:

An experienced specialist ensures that the water is turned off in the relevant system (e.g., plumbing or heating) before beginning. This prevents further damage and ensures safety.
The specialist then locates a gap or hole in the wall where the borescope can be inserted and uses it to inspect the internal structure where the leak is suspected.
During the inspection, the operator views the borescope camera’s image on a screen. They can maneuver the borescope to examine different areas of the structure and pinpoint the location and source of the leak.
Once the leak is identified, the operator can precisely determine its location and characteristics. This saves time and resources when planning repairs.
After finding the leak, a plumber can develop a repair plan, which may involve replacing damaged pipes, applying sealing materials, or other necessary measures.

Advantages of using borescopy for locating and fixing water leaks:

  • Minimal Damage: Borescopy allows for inspecting internal structures without destroying the surface, saving on repair costs and preserving the appearance of the room.
  • Accuracy: Borescopes provide high accuracy in determining the location and nature of leaks.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The efficiency of this method saves time and money compared to more destructive leak detection and repair methods.
  • Cleanliness and Tidiness: Using a borescope minimizes the creation of dust and dirt during the process of finding and fixing leaks.

If you have a water leak issue and need professional assistance, contact experienced plumbers in Shannon, Limerick, and Ennis who specialize in borescopic inspection and plumbing repairs. Reliable specialists will help you quickly and effectively resolve this problem, saving you both time and money.

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