Why Water Analysis is Important?

Understanding the chemical composition of water is crucial information that can help safeguard your health. Through analysis, you can learn valuable details, such as the level of water oxidization. Increased water oxidation indicates contamination of the source. Another important indicator can be nitrate ions. It’s important to know that nitrates cannot be removed from water by boiling, meaning they continuously affect your health.Excess manganese can lead to liver, kidney, small intestine, bone, internal secretion gland, and brain diseases, exerting a toxic and mutagenic effect on the human body. An excess of iron can cause itching, dryness, and skin rashes; it increases the likelihood of developing allergic reactions and the onset of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Other water parameters are also vital and require examination.

However, besides health, chemical water analysis can save you money. It’s no secret that modern equipment such as water heaters, boilers, circulation pumps, washing machines, car washes, dishwashers, and even irons require a certain level of chemical substances, salts, mechanical impurities, and hardness.

Why Analyze Well Water?

If a well provides water with high hardness and chloride and sulfate content, there is no point in installing expensive equipment without additional water treatment. Money will be wasted. In such cases, it’s cheaper to install less expensive equipment and replace it in a couple of years or invest in a water purification system and install expensive imported equipment that will last longer.

The results obtained during the analysis will show:

  • The purity of the source
  • How often water taken from the well can be consumed
  • The need to search for another source
  • The need to install additional water treatment equipment

How Often Should Well Water Be Analyzed?

For an active well, no less than once a year. Why so often? The quality of the resource can unexpectedly deteriorate, for example, due to the discharge of chemical waste in the nearby area. There is also a high chance of contaminated wastewater entering the well. In most cases, this happens unnoticed, so it’s necessary to constantly monitor the chemical composition of the water to detect changes in time.

Why Analyze Apartment Water?

Nowadays, it’s trendy to install filters. Moreover, in large shopping centers, you can find water filters for every taste and budget, from pitcher filters to mainline or multi-stage filters. However, without chemical water analysis, installing such filters can be a waste of money. It’s wiser to conduct water analysis and install precisely the filters you need or even forego them if unnecessary. It may well turn out that tap water in your new home meets the standards but has an odor. In that case, a charcoal filter is sufficient. If iron or manganese levels exceed recommended limits, you will need a filter specifically designed for these purposes. Detecting radon in city water is unlikely, but it may be present in your country house well, requiring a separate purification system.

You can order water analysis services from DryZone Company. We conduct analysis of drinking and aquarium water for three parameters: pH, TDS, EC. In Limerick, Shannon, and Ennis, our professional specialists guarantee accurate results that will help you take measures to improve water quality and ensure the safety of your health and home. Our company not only performs water analysis but will also offer modern and efficient solutions if needed.

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